Recreational Therapy

Volunteer Program

Family involvement through volunteering is a wonderful way to continue a relationship with your loved one and at the same time become an integral part of life around Santa Anita Convalescent Hospital We welcome your participation. Volunteers can provide a variety of services. The recreation department coordinates, trains and guides volunteer participation.

Resident Council

Resident Council meetings take place monthly to give residents an opportunity to help in the planning of events and activities. It is a forum for residents to share concerns, suggestions and praise about matters that affect their quality of life. Residents of Santa Anita Convalescent Hospital elect Resident Council board members to help in the facilitation of meetings.

Holidays and Special Family Events

Throughout the year our recreation department plans theme parties and special events to celebrate the holidays and other significant dates. We invite you to come and make a memory with us.

Pastoral Care and Visits

Spiritual and religious needs of residents are very important. Depending on the religious preferences of the individual residents, several opportunities are available for them to practice their faith and meet with clergy.


Healthy family pets are welcome to visit. We recognize that they are very therapeutic to many residents. However, please be sensitive to residents who do not share the same interest. All visiting pets must be clean and have current vaccinations. Pet therapy is an established program offered through the recreation department. If you are interested in this type of volunteerism, please contact us.

Other Services
  • Specialized clothing and shoe purchasing opportunities: we invite reputable companies to sell and display their products.
  • Traveling Library. The Traveling Library visits on a monthly basis and provides books, magazines and videos.

Programs That Foster Self-Esteem And Enthusiasm For Life

  • Outings
  • Spiritual Opportunities for Worship
  • Community Integration
  • Special Events
  • Entertainment
  • Pet Therapy
  • Art Expression

Programs That Enhance Companionship and New Friendships

  • Socials
  • Intergenerational Experiences
  • Small Groups: Teas, Reminiscence
  • Table Games

Programs That Provide Mental Stimulation to Maintain/Build Cognitive Skills

  • Education
  • Voting Assistance
  • Traveling Library
  • Sensory Stimulation
  • Music Therapy
  • Current Events

Programs That Maintain The Highest Possible Level Of Physical Function

  • Active Games
  • Exercise and Workout
  • Dances