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Our highly trained and skilled nurses provide the best quality care. Their skills and training allow them to give each resident what is most important for their recovery. We know you will feel comfortable when you meet them and are in their care.

More Nursing Services Information

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Each of our nurses are gentle and caring, with genuine concern
for each of our residents.

Services may include:
• Individualized Resident Care Plan Treatments

• Cardiovascular
• Catheter Care
• Colostomy Care
• Wound Care
• Palliative Care

• Post Surgical Care
• Diagnostic Imaging/Laboratory Services
• Intravenous Therapy (IV)
• Enteral Tube Feeding
• Diabetes Management

• Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN)
• Tracheostomy Care
• Respiratory Therapy
• Isolation (C-Diff/ MRSA/ VRE)

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We seek to maximize the quality of life for our long-term care
population, who require a specialized restorative program.

Services may include: • Range of Motion
• Infections Requiring IV Antibiotics
• Amputations
• Diabetic Ulcers
• Necrotizing Fasciitis
• Osteomyelitis
• Peripheral Artery Disease
• Venous Stasis
• Post-Trauma
• Burns
• Arterial Wounds
• Positioning and Alignment
• Contracture Management
• Bowel and Bladder Training
• Rehabilitative and Social Dining


Palliative Care may be the right choice for you if you have a chronic illness, need relief from suffering, and require help to improve your quality of life
and regain the ability to complete your daily activities.

• 24-Hour Nursing Care
• Support System for Psychological/Spiritual Care
• Help Navigating the Healthcare System
• A Team to Help with Pain Control


This Facility welcomes all persons in need of its services and does not discriminate on the basis of age, disability, race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, familial status, or sex. This Facility does not discriminate among persons based on their sources of payment.


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Choices for rehabilitation can be as vast as the conditions that require it. At Santa Anita Convalescent Hospital we are here to help you navigate those options using resident centered approaches. Our highly trained therapists and assistants use advanced technologies to help a patient regain or attain his or her highest functioning level.

More Therapy Services Information

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The goal of Physical Therapy is to help a patient regain or attain his or her highest functioning level.

Services may include:
• Evaluation

• Muscular Strength Testing
• Endurance Joint Mobility Testing
• Therapeutic Modalities
• Ultrasound
• Heat and Cold Treatments
• Prosthetic/Orthotic Training
• Therapeutic Exercises
• Transfer and Bed Mobility Programs
• Balance and Gait

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Occupational Therapy Assists Our Residents in Adapting to their Social and Physical Environment
by Mastering 
Tasks Essential for Activities of Daily Living(ADL’s).

Services may include:
• Functional Independence:
(eating, bathing, toileting, etc.)

• Maintenance of Wellness: Dressing and Grooming
• Prevention of Further Disability
• Home Assessments and Modifications
• Adaptive Equipment
• Increasing Safety Awareness


Our Speech Therapists provide a range of interventions to assess and help restore abilities
in the areas of communication, 
swallowing and cognition.

Services may include:
• Improving Speech and Voice Clarity
• Increasing Comprehension and Verbal Expression
• Improving Chewing and Swallowing Ability
• Maximizing Cognitive Language Skills
• Memory, Problem Solving, and Abstract Reasoning
• Resident and Caregiver Education and Training


The primary goal of Recreation Therapy is to restore or maintain health by helping people use their present abilities to their fullest through their leisure time.

Programs may include:
• Foster Self-Esteem And Enthusiasm For Life
• Enhance Companionship and New Friendships
• Mental Stimulation to Enhance Cognitive Skills
• Maintaining The Highest Possible Level Of Physical Function


Our Social ServiceTeam Assists Our Residents and
Their Families During Transitional Periods.

More Social Services Information

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• Discharge Planning
• Advance Directives
• Medicare/Medical Information
• Veterans Benefits
• Social Security
• Ethics Committee

• Family Support Groups
• In-Home Social Services
• Mental Health Housing
• Psychotropic Medication, etc

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• Residents Rights Advocates
• Resident Review Status
• Referral to Psychiatric/Psychological Services
• Behavior Management Programs
• Care Planning for Emotional Issues
• Care Planning for Cognitive Issues
• Emotional Care Planning
• Help with Difficult Health Care Decisions
• Resource Information
• Community Resources


Care Conferences are held for every resident
admitted to our facility. They are designed to
review the resident’s plan of care and keep. assessments up to date.


At Each Conference, Care Team Members Present Their Assessments.

Assessments Include:
Resident’s Needs

• Team Goals for Meeting These Needs
• What Are The Planned Steps To Meet Goals

Contracted Health Plans


Renovated Dining Room

Available Amenities

• Free WiFi
• Free Cable
• Secure Parking
• Housekeeping
• Linen & Laundry Services
• Massage Therapists
• Private Dining Rooms
• Library/Computers

Beauty Parlor & Barber Shop

Available Amenities/Activities

• Beauty Salon
• Barber Shop
• Entertainment
• Games
• Trivia
• History
• Gardening
• Field Trips/Outings

Renovated Outdoor Courtyard

Available Activities

• Musical Performances
• Religious Meetings
• Current Events Update
• Reading The Newspaper
• Singing Exercises
• Fitness Activities
• Stretching Exercises

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    Lupe Y.

    Monrovia. CA

    We recently placed our Mother at Santa Anita Convalescent Hospital and couldn’t be happier with our decision. From the moment we did a walk through and began this process it felt very comfortable! The staff are exceptional and the caring, loving environment helps us feel good knowing that our Mother is being cared for and safe. The staff are dedicated to caring for and helping the residents participate in the daily activities. I would recommend Golden Legacy Care Center to everyone!

    Stacy D.

    Covina, CA

    My dear friend who is bed bound is cared for at Santa Anita Convalescent Hospital. She has been there about 2 month’s. I can see that the staff cares very much for her and all their residents. All the nurses are so helpful and they all take pride in their level of care of the residents. The staff is very professional, caring, responsive, ready to communicate and listen if we have concerns. The facility is kept very clean and they keep the residents busy with activities.

    Mike M.

    Arcadia, CA

    My Grandmother was recently placed here by my family who researched local Care Centers in the area. We chose this location for their proven track record and success with minding over loved ones within the community. We are very happy with the personable service, attention to detail, cleanliness and most importantly, the care provided. The Staff is great right down to the janitor! Your always greeted with a smile and the Director is always accessible.

    COVID-19 Daily Facility Census 03/23/2023

    In cooperation with local, state and federal public health departments, Santa Anita Convalescent Hospital will test all resident and staff members for COVID-19 as recommended by the California Department of Public Health (CDPH).


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